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Best ways to track the success rate of your app

best mobile app development

Advancement in the field of technology has paved way for multiple opportunities for distinct business to engage customers in an alluring manner with the help of mobile apps. Due to heavy competition in the market, it has become quite difficult for best mobile app development team to keep a track on how well your app is performing and counting its reach in the market. Following are the parameters of tracking your app’s success:

Session length

Measuring per length session usage helps in determining the extent to which an app engages users. When this is accurately estimated, it rightly reflects the clear picture of the type of users involved and what they want from the app.

Usage Rate

With increased number of people using the app, more number of people benefit from it. An app having a clear-cut solution for users is going to succeed as users are going to making use of it. Hence, when you estimate the usage rate, it lets the owners understand the engagement metric of the apps while offering valuable insights on its usage. Additionally, when data usage is analyzed, it helps app marketers to allocate the resources in order to intensify the performance of the app and drives user engagement.

Retention rate

Apps need to strive for longetivity and not prominence while high in performance for higher retention. User retention is one of the primary criteria in order to maintain the success of an app in the long run. This is because it gives the idea of the total number of un-installation of the app and number of users using it continuously to the apps builder for android.

Load time

It is necessary for every app owner to keep a check on the loading speed of an app. If anything bothers the user there are chances that the app might get uninstalled or even replaced by its competitor. Hence, it is a matter of paramount importance for marketers to determine the app’s loading speed and improve it thereafter.

Average revenue incurred per user

An app has been built with the prime objective of making money out of it. There is a parameter as well for measuring the total revenue earned in a specific time period. App owners can find out the picture of the app’s success with the help of ARPU statistics.

Unique eCommerce website design for a hassle free shopping

eCommerce website design

In the recent times, there has been a high surge in the eCommerce website design, which has massively spread all across the globe. Internet shopping has become the ‘it’ trend of today with its innovative characteristics and charm. A wide array of its benefits over stores has led to its popularity and wide acceptance among all. Today, it has also become a lot safer than what it was few years ago.

More and more people today are realizing how convenient it is to shop online. This is especially a bonus for people living in rural areas who find it quite difficult to access cities for their needs. People today are well informed that gives them control over their buying decision. This has paved way for large number of eCommerce website development.

Few studies suggest that online shopping is soon going be much more popular than it is today. As time and technology evolves, so will eCommerce industry. It is for sure that the progression of this particular industry is in no way slowing down by any means.

Affordable eCommerce website design for the win

First impression is always the last impression and hence you cannot miss the chance to impress your visitors the first time they enter your website. Hence, designing is one of the integral parts of a website and needs to be performed professionally. High quality images and user-friendly design will make your eCommerce website design stand out from the rest.

Additionally, it is imperative to have a responsive eCommerce website design that makes it easy for all devices to navigate. While the marketing might have grabbed people’s attention, the web design is the one that decides whether the purchase will take place or not. The website can be easily transformed simply by changing the website’s color elements.

The color palette is another important consideration while designing a website. Complimentary colors are a must that helps in balancing the look and feel of your website. In addition to certain colors, it is important or you to understand the color theory. No matter how you design, remember to design in such a way that people remember your website.

Logo Designing – A Must for Your Business Website

Logo designing

Global recognition of a brand depends largely on the logo and 99.99% individuals could name and recognize the brand each logo designing represents. Here are a few reasons why logo is of prime importance to your business today:

Reveals an identity

The logo when imprinted on all of your products, business card and website, it communicates ownership. It can tell the world its potential customers, its products or services offered and the benefits it provides consumers.

Invites new customers to be aware of your brand

We individuals thrive in monochromatic world and hence are usually drawn towards attractive designs, color and patterns. The logo marking your package should be designed in such a manner that it draws interest and sparks curiosity among potential customers. The design should be such that it prompts consumers to be hooked to the product. It needs to communicate the product benefits, its uses through its design.

Distinguishes your brand from the rest

A good logo tends to reflect who you are, and distinguishes you from the rest. In the cluttered marketplace of the present times, it is so important to find a way to be unique and stand out from the rest. A distinct logo designing enables you to find potential customers who have a hard time in recognizing your brand and confuses it with another company. He soon ends up approaching a competitor instead of choosing your own products and services.

Brand loyalty

A company becomes associated with the logo it is associated with. With time, a consumer soon becomes accustomed with it, thus building brand loyalty. When a brand redesigns its age-old logo to upgrade its look, consumers often feel betrayed as they are unable to associate themselves with the brand anymore.

Advertisement and publicity

Your logo represents your business. Hence, just by placing the logo anywhere, you are able to advertise your brand and send your message across. The logo, with a successfully developed brand message, publicizes your product and services.

Evokes strong emotional response

A brand develops an emotional bond with a product with the help of different color schemes. These colors suggest different emotions and meanings. Hence, consumers these days tend to associate such colors with different meanings and hold special significance in their life.

Thus, logo designing is highly important in the present business scenario. A good logo helps consumers feel one with the brand and helps them relate with it.

How does SEO Work in the Current Scenario?

Despite the fact that Search Engine Optimization is an expression involving a lot of hi-tech jargons, the solution is simple for those who are well-equipped in what they are claiming to be doing, their online presence, a perfect, coherent mouthpiece of their ideas. However, it is difficult for those who consider that optimization is majorly about the tweaking of meta-tags and H1s (The first heading of the HTML programming language). Utilization of the apt keyword based on a thorough research of the existing trend in search queries is a plus. But optimization is not all about these age-old devices (in a fast-paced world, methods become obsolete in the blink of 5 years) that have already become threadbare.

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization work in the current scenario apart from proper keyword implementation, a person who wishes his/her page to get high-ranking from Google has to make sure that the content of the website piques the attention of the users. The other factors that come into play are trustworthiness and authentication of a specific website.A website owner has to figure out firstly, his/her target audience and secondly, the preparation and delivery of novel ideas that the larger crowd might not have perceived before. In this, content plays a major role. The bulk of writing and reading today go on over the cloud. People read about a product or a service on the net and then buy it if it fulfills the requirements. In short, the buying behavior of a consumer is directly proportional to his/her reading experience.

Hence, smart use of language on a website or a page is a must. For example, if one writes literary blogs, he/she has to make sure that the content has words like “literature”, “art”, “aesthetics,” and terms related to behaviouralism, human psychology and  anthropology because literature cannot exist without humans. Now the question is how can Google algorithm read these subtleties of human perceptions. Well, the answer is Artificial Intelligence. With the introduction of Ok Google, semantic (the logic that can be derived from inferring the relationship between words) search became a part of google search engine to handle conversational queries, whereby Google not only attained the ability to understand words, it also acquired an ability to infer the relationship between two words, that is, the intent of the question.

In 2011Google had accumulated ratings from people concerning the quality of a website. After this machine learning algorithm was implemented to extend these subjective notions. That’s how the panda algorithm came into being and Google became a search engine optimization gaining near-human capacity with an ability to filter the good from the bad, the better from the best. Since Google can’t be fooled anymore, in the world of the internet too, one has to be the best with his/her product and ideas. If the content is good and gets enough traffic, getting backlinks on quality websites is just a matter of time.

Online Digital Marketing is the Key to the Success of any Business

Marketing is the core component that leads to the success of any business. Previously businessmen used to skim through newspapers, searching for an ideal space to put up an advertisement for the business or would go around deploying people at the most strategic locations to distribute brochures and leaflets. Larger firms would go for radio advertisements or would contend for hoarding space, spending considerable time, energy and cash on striking the best online digital marketing deal for the promotion of the business. Capital played a very important role in all this and despite better strategies, many young businesses will lose the marketing game due to limited funds.

Online Digital Marketing

But since the addition of “digital” to the nomenclature “marketing,” things have become much easier for businesses, especially those, young.Online digital marketing is a critical process, but if executed correctly, it is the most cost-effective method for a business’s return on investment. In the current scenario an individual’s “free time” is analogous to his/her “online time,” and why not; reading a book is a preoccupation of the niche audience, but for the general crowd the internet is the consumers’ paradise, a gargantuan whirlpool loaded with an unending list of products that exist to fulfill all requirements, and by ‘all’ one can mean anything under the sun. Therefore, businesses today should find ways to shove in their products into a consumer’s online experience. The easiest and the fastest way to gain an online audience is SMM or Social Media Marketing. One has to actively interact on the Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, etc. He/she needs to provide crisp, informative, appealing details about the product he/she is selling; (In this world of laissez-faire one can even sell one’s thought) and the more it is done within the course of a day, the better the result will be. Strategies can be implemented to target even the niche audience by infusing in their searches, the ideas that an entrepreneur wishes to share. For that, a thorough research about consumerism needs to be conducted. Apart from that Craigslist, MerchantCircle.com, Local.com, and Gumtree are some of the free ad-posting websites to save the day.

Closely related to SMM is content marketing. The person who is at the helm of the marketing business has to make sure that he/she has a website for the product saturated with content that is unique and relevant. Not only that, trustworthiness and authorization are two other indispensable components behind the success of any digital marketing campaign. The interfusion of these factors on a website is equal to the optimization of that very platform, which is again equal to the attainment of the highest rank on a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Pay per click campaigns could be a good option for established businesses looking to increase visibility. In this case, an advertiser pays as soon as his/her advertisement gets clicked. The investment that a business makes on pay per click advertising is the initial stage of any transactional accomplishment.

In short online digital marketing is all about targeting audiences by knowing their taste and preferences and the channel they use to gain the information, knowledge about the particular product or services. Detail research on the audiences’ to-do-list will clear the path for the marketing strategies.

Without a mobile application a business comes to a standstill

The highlight of the day is entrepreneurs cannot thrive in this competitive market until and unless they develop a Mobile Application for their businesses. But before discussing the importance of mobile apps it is better to know a few things about how consumer behavior works.

mobile application

Consumer behavior is very much correlated to two core elements of the economy; trend and availability, two elements which again have an internal connection. To be precise, if the trend is ready-availability then customers demand every commodity and solution to commit to them at the drop of a hat, in this case, at the tap of a finger. Mobile applications are the means that fulfill customers’ demands instantly. Therefore, most of the businesses, (entertainment or commercial) of import develop mobile applications to reach out to consumers.

The game plan of a business should be, “Give them to retain them.” Hence, entrepreneurs who are aspiring to bedazzle the crowd with their transforming visions need to make sure that they have the support of a mobile application that acts as an able, ubiquitous spokesperson of the business.

If a business that is available online is supported by a mobile application that users can download from the concerned website, then the business automatically becomes more potent and impressive. A mobile application plays a pivot role in reinforcing a brand, increasing visibility as well as accessibility, exposing a business across mobile devices, connecting the owner with industrious customers and most importantly it helps in building customer loyalty.

A mobile app works as an awareness-creating tool. It goes without saying that an aspirant wishes to gain recognition, thereby acknowledgment. By developing a mobile app he/she not only gives the customers easy access to the length and breadth of his/her inventory, with its help an entrepreneur can also acquaint potential customers with notifications pertaining to special events and launches.  A service provider can reach out to customers by providing his/her contact information, location on the mobile app itself, thereby allowing uninterrupted appointment scheduling.

Worldwide Website is a leading web development company that crafts mobile applications working on both Android and IOS platforms. We are behind the creation of highly usable apps that solve business problems efficiently. By availing of our app, customers become more proficient and business proactive.

Studies show that promotional messages receive about 4%, whereas PUSH notifications receive 97% read rate. 80% of the time spent on mobile devices is spent using apps. Since the matter of the fact is people are more inclined to tapping than surfing (it goes without saying that we love indolence), the development of a mobile application is one of the solutions for budding entrepreneurs.

Design is the key to creating the best website

web design

In a world where everything has become digital from scratch to hatch, the online platform becomes the most plausible medium for delivering a vision nurtured in, maybe, “tranquility”, or amidst the bustle of modern life. If a person wishes to inspire the public with entrepreneurial ideas he/she has to make the most of a website. A good website should be endowed with an arresting web design.

The general human psyche has a special affinity with designs that are neat and uncluttered. Therefore, a Web designer should make proper use of white spaces on his/her website. The designer should maintain consistency in spacing. Space is also important when it comes to foregrounding a particular area of a page. A text or an image will be accentuated more if it is surrounded by white space. The theme that the designer uses should correspond to the content on the website. Colours used should be engaging and stimulating. A good website should be adorned with logos and infographics which are clever, durable and comprehensible.

Any Website design is incomplete without an About Us page. An About Us page should be a balanced amalgamation of information and images that aptly support and justify the information. The About Us page should be brisk and brief. The viewers should be able to get an idea about a business and its goals from the About Us page.

The users should be able to navigate through a website conveniently. A good website should have a limited number of navigational menus and users should receive clear direction across the website. These are important tools to retain the interest of viewers.

An idea which is enlightening receives takers. Therefore a successful website is a platform which holds a wealth of information. An information-packed footer on a website is a logical location for a small sitemap, company or contact information, links, and context of the site. Every button on a site should be recognizable as a button. They should have the same shape, design, effects, and feel regardless of purpose or location. The designer can fashion a set of buttons exclusive to the site and give them a consistent shape, hue, size and, texture.

A good website must have enticing images and photographs embedded into the design. Other factors like transparent contact information can be included on a different page. Actionable words need to be implemented to convince the audience into buying an idea, or in other words to sign up.

Attracting human beings with objects that cater to their senses is a tried and tested device that has been in use since time immemorial. People from all walks of life from poets to scientists from all ages are known to have mastered the art of crafting sensory representatives of their creations to render their works impactful. Blake was a poet who used to illustrate his masterpieces through paintings. Apparently, he knew the art of feasible conveyance of ideas; the art of design.

The Significance of cPanel in an Entrepreneurial Website


It is not an unknown fact that Technolgy makes work easier. A website design and development company already has to take care of all the paraphernalia involved with customization and delivery of a website. Therefore, if there is a tool like a digital control panel or cPanel that manages the hosting service of a company, the burden is reduced.

The cPanel can administer basic tasks like the handling of emails, the creation of email accounts, password reset, and preparation of mail forwarders, as well as complex tasks like hosting several domain titles under one account or re-channelizing one domain name to another. The cPanel also allows an admin to view other information related to a website like bandwidth usage, disk space usage, hosting packages, IP Address, Version detection besides other things. The cPanel supports any programming language from Path to Perl.

The cPanel is favourable for companies providing shared hosting services and daily management tasks for VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Dedicated servers.

For Linux hosts and beginners Cpanel is the aptest tool. It is affordable.

The cPanel allows an entrepreneurial website to host a large number of sites using one licence.

Installation, maintenance, and up-gradation of the c-Panel are very simple.  Adding extra features to a website does not require extra technical headaches, so to speak, when one has the aid of the c-Panel. A simple installation software will do the work.

Transportation of hosting from one supplier to another does not take extra work.

Important data can be backed up smoothly with this tool.

It also supports advanced tasks like putting together databases and handling of DNS records.

One can configure his/her emails to go to Outlook or Gmail account as per requirement using the C-panel. It also allows instant access to emails.

All the miscellany involved with the management of files including uploading, creating, organizing and backing up are performed using the c-Panel.

The cPanel takes care of all security-related issues from installing an SSL Certificate to blocking a particular IP Address.

MySQL is a database management system that the cPanel uses. It also supports alternative systems like Percona and PHPmyAdmin. The cPanel already comes with valuable pre-installed software and expert website planner. Reiterative tasks could be automated using the c-Panel. One can also troubleshoot DNS issues.

In short, the c-Panel is an indispensable tool which ensures the smooth running of a website.